EPDM Rubber Seal Strip,Car Door Frame Weatherstrip

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EPDM Rubber Seal Strip,Car Door Frame Weatherstrip

Door Rubber Weather Seal
[]Rubber door weather stripping

EPDM Rubber Seal Strip,Car Door Frame Weatherstrip,rubber weather strip,rubber seal strip,epdm rubber seal strip manufacture
Material:NBR PVC EPDM Neoprene silicone NBR etc
flexible anti-aging
Durable and long service life

Specification According to client’s requirement(drawing,material,color)
Tensile Strength 3-15(MPA)
Hardness 40-80(Shore A)
Craft Best Vulcanization and Microwave Curing
Application car doors,windows automotive door container door
Features 1. Smooth and beautiful apperance

2. Better Compression deflection and elasticity,

3. Resistance aging and ozone and chemical action

4. Temerature from -40 °F – 248 °F (-40°C – 120°C)

5. Elongation can be 150%

Item Name Car Door rubber seal strip
Material PVC EPDM Neoprene NBR BR Silicone etc
Color Black White Grey

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